Pure Handknit Global Knit Crossover Sweater


Very Cheek and Unique…

  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand Wash and Dry Flat or
  • Dry Clean
  • Hand Knit

Product Description

Very Cheek and Unique… this fabulous sweater has a shawl collar made of a fun and sporty grey cotton fabric that will set you apart from the crowd. This wonderful piece can stay in your wardrobe all year long, just adjust what you are wearing underneath, for the weather.

Body Types

This Style Works Great For:

  • PEAR: This is the ultimate style for you beautiful Pears. Lots of fun and fashionable stuff going on, from the waist up and a bit of a boxy style to create balance for you.
  • RULER: Wonderful style to create some curves for you. Pair it with some flair pants to multiply the curve look.


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