Carilyn Vaile Short Swing Jacket – Black


This is my Personal Favorite…


  • Rayon/Spandex
  • Machine Wash Gentle and Dry on Low
  • Fits to Size
  • Ultra Super Soft and Comfy
  • Available in Black, Ivory, Charcoal Grey
  • Coffee Bean due in soon

Product Description

This is my Personal Favorite! It is made of super soft jersey material and  makes you feel like you’re being hugged by a pair of Angel Wings. You can wear it year round, in the summer over a tank top, over a dress or with a skirt and it  looks terrific with Jeans. It comes in 4 stylish colors, is a Low maintenance item that makes you look like a million bucks.

Body Types

This Style Works Great For:

PEAR: TThis style will look great on you. Choose a lighter colored Jacket so along with the wonderful shawl like front you are adding dimension to the top to flow onto your bottom. Add a great Necklace or Earings and all eyes will be up and not down on your hips.

APPLE: This style will look great on you. Choose a darker color so it will act like camouflage. The extra fluff on the front keeps the material from clinging to your trouble area. Add so Flared leg pants for perfect balance.

HOURGLASS: This style will look great on you. Very feminine and soft flowing. It hangs open, so you can show off your belted, curvaceous waist.

SLIM RULER: This style will look great on you. Choose the lighter colors and along with the wonderful shawl like front it will bring dimension to your top half. Finish off with some straight leg or full leg pants and you have complete balance.

ATHLETIC RULER: The material and construction of the jacket will be very flattering to your shape. The wonderful shawl like front will balance through your midriff and down to your hips. A darker color will work better for you, along with some straight or wide leg pants.


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