Carilyn Vaile Pure Sophistication Cowl Neck Dress-Tunic


Super soft & just plain scrumptious Tunic…


  • Rayon and Lycra Spandex
  • Machine Wash Cold, Dry Low
  • True to Size
  • Very Soft and Comfy
  • ¬†Wrinkle Free

Product Description

The most super soft and just plain scrumptious Tunic this Season. They combined a totally trendy look with the softest jersey material ever and created a piece that will compliment just about any Body Shape. By bunching it up or pulling it down or wearing it with leggings or as a dress- you can EMPHASIZE your assets and DOWNPLAY your not so favorite features.

Body Types

This Style Works Great For:

PEAR: This tunic will work for you in a few different ways. First the Wonderful Cowl Neck that people cannot stop looking at. Secondly, the very smart shirring on the sides will add some definition to your midriff and then easily blends onto your hips. If you are not an extreme Pear- try some leggings. Otherwise try some snug to the knee jeans ( or dress it up with some silky pants with the same style) that have a little flair from the knee down to create balance.

APPLE: You may enjoy this top if you are to the lesser end of your body shape. The shirring will act as camoflauge, especially if you bunch it up- then let the bottom of it gently smooth over your hips. Try it with some leggings to show off your great legs!!

HOURGLASS: Well- This top will do nothing but compliment your assets to the max. You would look spectacular wearing this with a pair of black leggings.

SLIM RULER: Another perfect top for you. It has so many stylish qualities that add to your dimensions and create curves where you never had curves before. If you bunch this up a little, it will look great with leggings and if you pull it down- it's THE perfect cute litte dress.

ATHLETIC RULER: This tunic is a great addition to your fall fashions. Because of all the wonderful eye catching details- it will add dimension in all the areas you need it and will smooth out all the others. It will compliment and show off your beautifull shoulders and arms. Pair it with some straight leg pants for the perfect overall balance.


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