The apple body shape can be tricky to shop for. Many women opt to cover this shape with loose-fitting fabrics, but in many cases this does not create the intended look. Here we’ll be sharing some tips you can use when looking at clothes to acquire the most flattering outfits.

Apple shapes tend to form their weight in the stomach area, and often have average to larger bust sizes. This tends to mean the waist area is less defined, so one of the goals in dressing for this body style is to create a pleasing silhouette.  Creating vertical lines and accentuating your bust tend to work well.

Apple Body Type Tips for Tops

Find tops that draw attention to your slimmest point, which is usually just below the bust. This helps to add shape to your silhouette and accentuates your waist. T-shirts with ruched centers are also flattering for the apple shape since they draw attention to the fabric’s shape and hide the belly.¬†V-neck tops also help to create a vertical line.

Choose tops that end just at the hip bone, and weather permitting wear jackets with natural V shapes for a slimming effect. Fit the jackets for your shoulders and not your belly. You can use scarves to flatter the jacket if you’d prefer to wear the jacket open. Other V shapes that work include tops with flared sleeves. The extra width and focus on the arms can also be flattering for the mid-section.

Tips for Bottoms With the Apple Body Type

Since apple body types wear their weight more in their tummies, pants should help create a slimmer look and put focus elsewhere. One simple tip that helps is to look for pants with zippers on the sides rather than the front. Zippers create a visual bump, and the bumps on the sides are more flattering than in the front.

Much like with tops, flares are your friend. Pants that V out in the bottoms make your middle look slimmer by comparison. Avoid using pleated material, though. If you do find an outfit with pleats that you really love, making sure the skirt pleats start below the belly.

These are a few good ideas to bear in mind when shopping for apple shape bodies. Visit our apple body shape section for clothes suited to your form!

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