How to Dress Your Beautiful Pear Shape

Lucky you! Chances are your arms, shoulders and chest are toned to perfection and your waist is tiny. The downside is that you carry your weight in your bum, hips and thighs. But, don’t worry, dressing you will be a snap. Your mission (if you choose to accept it), is to add dimension to your top in order to create a visually balanced shape. Have fun and be creative by using jewelry, prints and bright colors and horizontal stripes.

Colors are your best friend.

Use bright colors and prints on top to create dimension and use dark colors on the bottom to camouflage that area. Wear low necks and V-necks with jewelry or embellished necklines to draw attention up. Try some shoulder pads to balance with your hips. Tops with large collars, lapels and  sleeves will add to the dimension on the top.

Dark Pants with wide flowing legs will help to disguise your least favorite parts. Try mid rise and no pleats for the most flattering style. If you love a more slim leg pant, be sure to pair it with a loose style tunic top for a fabulous trendy look.

If you love dresses, try a strapless (to show your great arms) with lots of lace and ruffles on the top and and a-line style. You can even wear the latest style wrap dress. Don’t forget to embellish your assets on top with accessories.

Just a couple great tips:

  • Wear feminine looking heels, no ankle straps
  • Wear hip length sweaters and jackets to elongate you
  • Try a wide black hip belt, just for fun
  • Shoes with pointed toes will give the illusion of an elongated figure
  • Keep your jeans simple, stay away from large pockets and embroidery that will add bulk and draw attention.
  • Fall is coming, add a cute shrug to create dimension on the top

Our Clothes Befitting mannequin is dressed today in a beautiful and trendy suit by Carilyn Vaile, and creates the balance needed to enhance your attributes and camouflage your least favorite parts. Note how the light colored sharp suit jacket just pops along with the chic pointed collar and gives the top dimension. Worn with Super Stylish Dress Jeans in black which not only conceal, but make this an ultra fashionable outfit. The black tank top is the perfect transition piece that puts the whole look together with smooth and clean lines. The wonderful Aria handmade bombana seed necklace is the ultimate adornment that will bring all eyes up to your awesome neckline.

This outfit WILL make you look and feel fabulous.

Don’t forget, you have your very own unique style and body type. By creating your own aura, you will show the world who YOU are and just how special you are.


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