Hi- My Name is Linda and I’m a clothes-a-holic. Yes, I admit it. Have been since my preteen years, playing my records, laying on my purple shag carpet and leafing through the Montgomery Wards and Sears Catalogs. Damn—now you know how old I am. Well, you would have found out eventually. In fact, by the time I am done with you—you will know my weight, height, and things you probably won’t even want to know. Because I will become your BFF, no not Best Friend Forever, but your Befitting Fashion Finder. Clothes Befitting was created to fill a fashion niche. The part that most Clothing Stores are missing is the “Real Woman Part”. That’s where I fill in. My site does not cater to the size zero model type woman. I will not use size zero models either. Unfortunately, when I purchased my mannequins, the largest size made for women were size 8—then after that it jumped to plus sizes. But, not to worry.

I am working on a super easy way for you to be able to decide what size and style you would look best in. That ongoing process will never end as long as I own this company. I believe that clothes shopping should be a pleasant experience, without any frustration or uncertainty. What it should be is absolutely fun!! Clothes Befitting is striving to become the ultimate place to go to, for a variety of super fashionable clothing, to fit every Body Shape. We are in the infant stages right now and planning so many bigger and better things to come. Please become a fan on facebook and let me know how I am doing. That’s the only way that I’ll know if I am heading in the right direction. If you prefer email or a personal phone call- that’s fine too. You can find all of my contact information on www.clothesbefitting.com. I promise as your BFF to do all I can to make your shopping experience a fun and carefree one. Meet my mother and I, just a few years ago! LOL!

As you see, I started out as a chubby child and have fought the fat battle ever since. I am enclosing a few fashion pictures of me through the years. Just to assure you of my very keen fashion sense. My love for hats is very evident.

I have them for every occasion—As you can see. So please join me on our Fashion Journey. I promise to make you smile and help you to feel confident in your clothing. Don’t ever forget- Your Are Beautiful! Have a Clothes Befitting Day!!

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