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Join Our Royal Befitting Club


Once you become a member of this very exclusive club, you will NEVER have to worry about what

to wear again. I will help take away all the doubts and worries that some women go through and make your shopping trip a very positive and satisfying experience. Best of all, if you don’t get it right the first time, I will take it back at my cost and you can try again.

Here are some of the Benefits you will receive once you have become a Royal Befitting Club member:

  • $55.00 Gift Certificate on your Birthday- and it never expires!!
  •  15% discount on all items, at all times, on top of any sales prices.
  •  A Beautiful Diamond studded tiara. (Well, not really diamonds- you’ll need to spend more to get that! But, yes a Tiara for the Queen.)
  •  Free Standard Shipping on all orders and returns.
  • Advanced Notice on all sales
  •  And last, but certainly not least, here’s my favorite benefit…

Let’s say you are attending a function next week and you have nothing to wear, well that’s where I come in.

Frequently, when ordering online, women will wonder whether to order the smaller or larger size of a specific item and are stuck debating which one will look better. With my help, you will no longer have to stress over that question! All of our Royal Befitting Club members have the ability to order 2 sizes of the same item, at the same time. Don’t sweat it though–I will only charge you for one of the items. You will find a return label in the box for the item you do not want.

Yes, you heard that right!

After that, you will have 15 days to decide which size you would like to keep. The only thing you will need to supply, will be some tape to close the package and attach the label.  Then just return the unwanted size back to me with the tags on and in the original condition and you will not be charged for it. If I do not receive it within the time allotted, then it will then be charged to your card.

It is very easy to become a Royal Befitting member, all you need to do is shop! Once your total purchases reach $555.50, then you will automatically be vested in the club and will begin to receive your Royal Benefits. You may ask yourself, why such an odd number? Because it’s my Birthday… May 5, 1955.

My philosophy with Clothes Befitting is to step out of the box to create the ultimate shopping experience.
If at any time you feel the need to ask a question or let me know about anything at all- Just call me at 336-434-3160. I’m the owner of Clothes Befitting and I will respond to any questions, comments or concerns you may have in regards to style or special clothing requests.

Be assured that you are family here at Clothes Befitting. If you are unhappy with your clothes and they are not fitting right, let me know and I will do all I can to fix the issues!

Rules of the Clothes Befitting Club:

558922_473398976031903_1261659893_n#1- Accept the fact that you are beautiful!
and rule #2- Have lots of fun!!

Thank you so much!

From your BFF,


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