The pear shape is the most common body shape for women. Even so, picking the most flattering clothing for this shape can still be a challenge. Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping.

The Pear-Shaped Do’s

Dress to focus attention to the upper body. Often you can do this with slim, form-fitting tops and jackets that huge your waistline and flatter your curves. Layers also help here by balancing the visual focus between your wide hips and the upper body.

Accentuated necklines in clothing look nice; broader necklines make the shoulders look broader also, which helps balance the shape. Some types of loose-fitting tops can be drawn in with a slim belt to create a more hourglass shape.

Aside the shape of your clothes, bright colors also build focus up top. These vibrant colors, with or without large prints to boot, will create a fun and energetic look that flatters the form and draws the eye.

The opposite can help with pants. Dark colors have a slimming effect, so if you’re looking to tone down the width of your hopes, this approach works and pairs nicely with the colors on top.

The Pear-Shaped Don’ts

Things to avoid as a pear include pants with embellishments, such as cargos, embroidery, or large pockets. Wider hips benefit from slimmer designs, which can sometimes pose a challenge when dress shopping since finding a dress that flares in the legs but remains form-fitting up top isn’t always easy.

Avoid tops with tight sleeves, as it creates contrast with your hips that can make your top appear even smaller. Also steer clear of shirts long enough to extend down to your thighs, or that are short enough not to reach your hips.

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