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The pear shape is the most common body shape for women. Even so, picking the most flattering clothing for this shape can still be a challenge. Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping. → Read more

The apple body shape can be tricky to shop for. Many women opt to cover this shape with loose-fitting fabrics, but in many cases this does not create the intended look. Here we’ll be sharing some tips you can use when looking at clothes to acquire the most flattering outfits. → Read more

Cody has a beautiful Athletic Body Type and has become a pro at dressing it.In the picture just above, she is wearing a color that just sets off her skin and eyes. Her top has a wonderful a line shape so it gently hugs at her waistline and magically creates a smaller waist. Her chest and arms are so wonderfully toned that she can showcase them with these snugly fit arms and the Oh so chic rounded neckline on this magical top.


Here is my Gorgeous Friend Cody. As you can see she is Rock’in her Athletic Body Type to a Tee!

Lacodia Ndiaye is an RN in Neuroscience, teaches nursing students part time and when she has extra time, she is a model for Clothes Befitting. She leads a very full life and loves to look her very best, always!

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To my Dear Befitting Fashion Friends and Family,

I would like to wish you all a Magnificent New Year and Wishes that all your dreams may come true in 2013. If you can see it, you can have it! But you must Believe it.

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Full circle from baby fat to hourglass and back to fat belly, all in a lifetime!

I woke up this morning to catch a glimpse of my side view in the mirror. I thought to myself, that must be the drawstrings of my pants under my shirt causing my stomach to look huge. But alas, it was not. Sadly, when I pulled up my shirt, there it was—my tummy! Me with a muffin top??!!

I just don’t get it.

I worked out all my life, stayed active, hiked, golfed, biked, roller bladed, and my favorite, Yoga. How did this happen? My mom use to tell me that my baby fat would go away soon. And it finally did at about age 12. And for a short time I was rocking an hourglass shape. But that came and went with the children and now I’m dealing with a whole new type of belly fat.

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May I  share my vision with you?

It is a world full of women who actually love to shop for clothing because…finally, the Fashion industry has realized that the models who are showing their clothing are not representative of the women who are buying the clothing. It is real women who make up most of the female population, Gorgeous and Stunning women who have tummies and hips and breasts.

Or maybe they don’t. That’s the point, we are all different and deserve clothing that makes us look and feel Beautiful.

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How to Dress Your Beautiful Pear Shape

Lucky you! Chances are your arms, shoulders and chest are toned to perfection and your waist is tiny. The downside is that you carry your weight in your bum, hips and thighs. But, don’t worry, dressing you will be a snap. Your mission (if you choose to accept it), is to add dimension to your top in order to create a visually balanced shape. Have fun and be creative by using jewelry, prints and bright colors and horizontal stripes.

Colors are your best friend.

Use bright colors and prints on top to create dimension and use dark colors on the bottom to camouflage that area. Wear low necks and V-necks with jewelry or embellished necklines to draw attention up. Try some shoulder pads to balance with your hips. Tops with large collars, lapels and  sleeves will add to the dimension on the top.

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Hi- My Name is Linda and I’m a clothes-a-holic. Yes, I admit it. Have been since my preteen years, playing my records, laying on my purple shag carpet and leafing through the Montgomery Wards and Sears Catalogs. Damn—now you know how old I am. Well, you would have found out eventually. In fact, by the time I am done with you—you will know my weight, height, and things you probably won’t even want to know. Because I will become your BFF, no not Best Friend Forever, but your Befitting Fashion Finder. Clothes Befitting was created to fill a fashion niche. The part that most Clothing Stores are missing is the “Real Woman Part”. That’s where I fill in. My site does not cater to the size zero model type woman. I will not use size zero models either. Unfortunately, when I purchased my mannequins, the largest size made for women were size 8—then after that it jumped to plus sizes. But, not to worry.

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