Full circle from baby fat to hourglass and back to fat belly, all in a lifetime!

I woke up this morning to catch a glimpse of my side view in the mirror. I thought to myself, that must be the drawstrings of my pants under my shirt causing my stomach to look huge. But alas, it was not. Sadly, when I pulled up my shirt, there it was—my tummy! Me with a muffin top??!!

I just don’t get it.

I worked out all my life, stayed active, hiked, golfed, biked, roller bladed, and my favorite, Yoga. How did this happen?
My mom use to tell me that my baby fat would go away soon. And it finally did at about age 12. And for a short time I was rocking an hourglass shape. But that came and went with the children and now I’m dealing with a whole new type of belly fat.

So I did a little research and found out—yes, I was a normal 56 year old post menopausal woman. Seems your hormones change the way your body breaks down and stores fat. The result… fat accumulation all over your body and concentrated around your belly.

Now, not only does this happen naturally during menopause, it also happens when you are under stress. Oh boy, parents getting older and not able to take care of themselves. Children getting older and needing you emotionally more than ever and right about now you’re career is expecting you to drop everything and come running! STRESS!!

Hold on just one minute please,

While I fan myself, yes I am still having hot flashes. Well, I guess it’s better than being cold.

So where were we?

Oh yes, when under stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This in turn causes the liver to create an abundance of sugar that the body does not need. The extra sugar causes a false feeling of hunger, which in turn causes you to eat more. Just think, you’re under stress and eating lots of comfort food, which is usually full of fat and calories. The body takes all that extra sugar and stores it as belly fat.

belly fat I wonder if cats go through menopause

That would explain a lot!

And we haven’t even talked about your metabolism yet. Another lovely side effect of aging.
Simultaneously, along with menopause, your metabolism slows down and contributes to your weight gain. Wow, so here we are eating comfort food, releasing all that extra sugar, and the one thing that could help us burn the calories, has decided to semi retire on us.

I was not born as an apple shape, but hormones , stress and aging have contributed to my new body shape. I will call this 7th body shape, the Mature Apple Shape. This one I earned! And I know I’m not alone.

Are you a member of the Mature Apple Shape Club?
Now that we know what we are up against. It’s time to deal with it!! And it’s time to love our bodies girls!!


I don’t know about you, but I will not use not use any of this, as an excuse to let it all go to pot. I will do the best I can to stay healthy and strong and in as best shape as I can. Take care of yourself!

This is the time in your life to determine a strategy for overcoming the possible negative results of aging. Don’t give in!

You will all find your own ways to battle this.

Personally I take yoga for de-stressing and core strength. I eat mostly healthy with whole grains and low fat foods and I drink a ton of clean fresh water to flush out the toxins and feel good and to keep my skin hydrated. And to look good I wear clothing that is appropriate for an apple shape and sometimes, don’t tell anyone, but I may even wear a body shaper if the occasion calls for it. Oh yes, my most important anti aging tool is a smile. Try it, it is amazing how much younger you can look by turning your mouth up instead of down.

The Most Important thing to remember is to Love Yourself. You are Beautiful and Very Special in this World. No one else is like you and there never will be another You! Give Yourself the Gift of Love!

Everyday is a new adventure for me and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Please share with us, what special ways you may use to help yourself to continue to look and feel good as you mature.

We are all a member of the same club, let’s share and help each other!

Thank you all for reading my blog- I love you!

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