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We Fit Your Style, Literally!

Clothes Befitting is devoted to helping women be their best. Do you need a shopping buddy or a virtual fashion guru to help you create the perfect ensemble that looks amazing on your individual body type?

We take the frustration out of shopping to be sure that the clothes you buy will not only fit but flatter your unique style and shape! We have done the work to be sure that the unique pieces are organized in a way that makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Often, shopping can become a stressful and frustrating experience. However, here at Clothes Befitting we present a way for you to find appropriate clothing for your body type in a very organized and easy to use format. Making shopping fun and you look fabulous!

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Hey Ladies…

  • Do you hate to shop?
  • Or love to shop, but just leave discouraged once you’ve hit the “try on/dressing” room?
  • Love today’s trends, but can’t figure out why they don’t look the same on you as that size zero model?
  • Tired of searching every store at the mall for the right fitting clothing?

Search no more!!

You have just found your BFF (Befitting Fashion Finder). I am THE women that loves to shop, not only for me, but for all women who don’t like it. I would love to be your personal shopper and BFF!  I have devoted my life to figuring out just what looks great on my body and while I was at it, I found out what looks great on YOU too.

My very special goal in life is to help you dress your beautiful body in the trendiest fashion that fits your individual Body Type. I’m not so bad with the classics either!

winterBffPlease join in this journey with me to raise awareness about our Body Types and how to adorn them. Along with that, we will automatically raise our self confidence levels and the realization that we can be whatever we want and go where ever we choose.

I would like to share some of the wonderful gifts that I try to remember to bestow on myself, every day.

  1. Love Myself, Always.
  2. Wear the Ultimate Accessory Where ever I go. And that would be, drum roll please… Self Confidence.
  3. And Never, Never, Never Ever forgot to Have Fun!

Be good to yourself first. You’ll have more share with everyone else.

Linda Eisenstein